Ensuring 可持续性 in Nightingale’s Second Century

As we educate our students to become citizens of the world, we convey that global citizenship is deeply rooted in sustainability. Heading into its second century, Nightingale has made a commitment to whole-school sustainability by expanding our understanding of it:

At Nightingale, sustainability means appreciating the interconnectedness of all things. Caring for our common and limited resources is essential for a just and peaceful world. We believe our actions are sustainable when they take an appropriately balanced view of social, 环境, 经济方面的担忧.


可持续性 Initiatives Started By Our 学生

传统上, Nightingale’s sustainability efforts have been student-led and faculty-supported, including our well-established recycling, 堆肥, and reusable whiteboard marker initiatives. A long-standing Earth Club in the 上学校 gave rise to a formalized Environmental Board on the student council, which expanded into the 中学 and prompted the creation of the 较低的学校’s Earth Ambassadors program. Members of the 上学校 Environmental Board recently created how-to guides on topics including sustainable eating, 举办可持续发展的活动, and integrating sustainability into the Nightingale curriculum. A current Nightingale senior is spearheading the development of a Green Revolving Fund, a means by which community members can submit proposals to be reviewed by the faculty and staff on the 可持续性 Advisory Council. Approved projects will help make Nightingale more sustainable, but the eventual cost-savings of their implementation will sustain the fund over time! By giving students the tools to affect real, 有意义的改变, we encourage a community culture of sustainability awareness.


Working Together for a More Sustainable Nightingale

Nightingale has partnered with the Green Schools Alliance (GSA), dating back to the organization’s start. GSA recently organized a collective of 25 (and growing!) independent schools to pilot-test START (可持续性 Tracking and Roadmap Tool), software designed for schools to quickly establish sustainability baselines, 设定组织目标, 并随着时间的推移监控指标. Nightingale was fortunate enough to receive a leadership grant from the E.E. Ford Foundation in November 2019 to support this GSA partnership. Grant funds will enable the fine-tuning of START and executing its final roll-out online, while also helping infuse sustainability throughout the K-XII curriculum.


Taking Charge for a Better Tomorrow

Nightingale must work every day to secure the best possible environment for future Nighthawks, 纽约同胞, 以及世界上所有的公民. Our robust community service program ensures that students understand the real value in giving back and in providing a sense of belonging for people whose voices are marginalized.

Nightingale plans to conduct a more thorough greenhouse gas emissions assessment to help us continue to reduce our carbon footprint and overall energy consumption throughout the Schoolhouse and educational program. Food services continually source local, in-season food as much as possible and educate the community about our food supply.

另外, 我们对多样性的承诺, 股本, and inclusion is demonstrated by updating our hiring practices to ensure that every person in our community has access to the best experience possible inside our blue doors.